Open Mic Guidelines

The pandemic has prompted us to transition into a virtual world to link to each other and an audience. We extend a warm invitation to tellers to use our open mic guidelines and submit a story in video format to post on our YouTube channel or link from our Facebook and Website. The Guild is a warm, welcoming community of tellers and listeners, ideal for new tellers to test their wings. We're keen to spread the art of storytelling and invite tellers of all levels to submit a story.  We encourage you to contact us and chat. 

          GGS has a few guidelines to use the open mic. 

  • We TELL stories. We do not read them. (See Telling Tips)
  • We enjoy a story with humour, but GGS is not a comedy club.
  • Sometimes we recite poems, but we are not a poetry group.
  • We prepare and rehearse our stories, that is, we go beyond memorization and take the next steps to shape stories for telling. 
  • We have members who are experienced storytellers, workshop leaders, and mentors. They are delighted to offer one-on-one tutoring or group workshops. Email us. 
  • Select a story suitable for telling. (Note that stories good for reading, may not necessarily be good for telling.)
  • Select a story that honours the distinction between appreciation and appropriation. 
  • We try to keep our stories under ten minutes. 
  • Most importantly, we love the stories we tell and want you to love yours too.

          Email and discuss and register your story.