Open Mic Guidelines

Open mic is a regular feature of Tales From the Hill, the monthly event at the Civic Museum. It's a warm, welcoming community of tellers and listeners, ideal for new tellers to test their wings.  Tellers of all levels are invited to be on the program.  

GGS has a few guidelines to use the open mic. 

  • We tell stories. We do not read them or recite them from memory. (See Telling Tips)
  • Sometimes we enjoy humourous stories, but it is not a comedy club.
  • Sometimes we recite poems, but we are not a poetry group.
  • We prepare and rehearse our stories, that is we, go beyond memorization and take the next steps to shape stories for telling. 
  • We have members who are experienced storytelling workshop leaders and mentors. They are delighted to offer one-on-one tutoring or group workshops.
  • Select a story suitable for telling. (Note that stories good for reading, may not be good for telling.)
  • We try to keep our stories under ten minutes. It’s not fair to other tellers if everyone brings a long story on the same month.
  • Most importantly, we love the stories we tell, and want you to love them too.

In order to plan and publicize, we need you to email and discuss and register your story.