Tales From the Hill 2023-24 at the Guelph Civic Museum, 

Second Thursday - November 9th. 

Doors open 6:30, stories 7- 8:15

"A great line-up of tellers awaits you this Thursday evening at the Guelph Civic Museum. Guild members Beve Matson, Michael (Rusty) Doherty, Don Conibear, Brian Holstein and host Sya VanGeest will be joined by the wonderfully talented and Guelph's own, Adwoa Badoe.
Ans knowing him, our patron, the remarkable Robert Munsch will no doubt have a story.
Doors open at 6:30 at the Museum on Cork Street for social time and refreshments, and the performance gets underway at 7:00 pm.
As always, our regular performances are free, but appropriate donations are appreciated."


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

LAUNCH: October 12

It was agreed, a fun evening of storytelling and visiting, launching our fall/winter season indoors in the Civic Museum.  Robert Munsch started us off with one of his beloved stories.  Judy and Paul Caulfield followed.  Judy with a story shaped by history and  Paul's humerous tale writing a love song to his beloved of some forty years.  We heard the sequal. The lineup included GGS members Beve, Brian, Rusty, and Sya.  (See members list.)


WHAT is it? GGS' monthly Tales From the Hill at the Guelph Civic Museum, includes invited guests, an open mic, and Guelph Guild members. It is known as the perfect place to discover storytelling. Listen to experienced guest tellers, meet members of GGS, hear novice tellers at the open mic, or more experienced tellers testing new stories, all in a warm, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere. Part of the fun is the casual socializing around hot cider and wee goodies.

WHEN?  Second Thursday each month:  Oct to June

TIME? 6:30 pm EDT Museum doors open. The program starts at 7:00 PM.  We're open for casual socialization before and after the storytelling, with hot cider, cheese, and sweets.

GUIDELINES? Do you want a volunteer your teling voice? Link to the Open Mic page and register. Be prepared to vet your story through the friendly, supportive ear of GGS members, in person or on Zoom.  (Your choice.) 
Stories should be no more than ten minutes and may include any type of telling, but not reading.
 So if you have a ballad, a poem, a personal story, or a folk/fairytale, come and share it at the Guelph Civic Museum.  You can e-mail here to discuss a telling.

THEMES/ROSTER? Each month may feature a theme as suggested by the Guild at their monthly planning meeting. The guest lineup and guild tellers are organized, in addition to tellers registered through the open mic. Here's an invitation to email the Webmaster to tell: guelphstory@gmail.com, and volunteer for an open mic as time allowed.

WHERE? Guelph Civic Museum.

 Be assured of a warm welcome and a fun evening with listenig friends.

GGS logo

As always, with all GGS events, it is free. There is the usual hat on display for freewill donations to defray the operating costs of the Guild 


The evening ends with chats around hot cider, cheese and cookies.

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      Tea ‘n’ Tales 2023 - The season was a blast! 
TnT 2023 with Anna KerzA typical Friday morning of storytelling in the idlylic setting in The Guelph Enabling Garden along the shore of the Speed River.
It is magical!
 September 8: 
It was the last performance of Tea 'n' Tales for the summer of 2023.
And what a wonderful way to end the season:
First, the wonderful, inspiring music of violinist Bridget Walsh,
followed by Guelph's own tellers, Adwoa Badoe and Sya VanGeest.
So, for the last time this summer, over 100 came out for a wonderful Friday morning. Most arrived early to enjoy Bridget on the violin from 10 to 10:30 a.m, a delicious free Planet Beancoffee in hand with a wee muffin, prepared with a donation shared by the enabling Garden and GGS.
 September 1: 
Say, "Hello to September" by joining us at the Guelph Enabling Garden on Friday, Sept 1st. The performance gets underway at 10am, with the storytelling commencing at 10:30.
This is our second-last chance to enjoy the magic of storytelling in the equally magical Guelph Enabling Garden.
Two talented, powerful tellers will be preceded by another new talented artist, Preetam. 

Prelude performer, Preetam Sengupta, is a storytelling singer-songwriter from Sarnia, but has called Guelph home for many years. His 2017 album “Patience” earned him a Folk Music Ontario Award.


  August 25 - 26:   Tea 'n' Tales and Under the Magic Ash weekend:
What a weekend!  
Friday was a wet morning, but that did not dampen the cheerful audience, who gathered under the green-roofed shelter to hear Brampton's Judy and Paul Caulfield and Toronto's Susan Ida Boucaud spin their tales and songs.
 Paul Caulfield  charmed us with his gentle stories and music from 10 to 10:30.
This event, after a wonderful previous weekend of storytelling when at Friday's Tea 'n' Tales,  82 braved the cold, the wind and the rain to hear Ruth Danziger, Beve and Elizabeth Matson, along with the Royal City Ambassadors ( 25th).
 August 26:  
Robert Munsch at Under the Magic AshSaturday 26th, over one thousand people poured into the Garden to enjoy a special children's program:  (with Robert's permission), a puppet play that brought his story, The Paper Bag Princess, alive - created by Ellen Webb, with Linda Smith, Andy Timmerman and Sya VanGeest, folowed by beloved storytelling by Robert Munsch, in addition to gifted children's tellers Ruth and Elizabeth and musical prelude with Larry Gibbs. What a weekend!  
Now, we are excited to have another great Friday in store September 1st.
 * * * * * * * * * *
Earlier this month, on CBC Radio, Sunday morning, August 6th   Beve, and Elizabeth were interviewed on "Fresh Air.
We came to Tea 'n' Tales in Guelph's Enabling Garden on Friday morning, August 18 and heard them in person at 10:30. 
August 19 was an exciting morning!
At 10 am Larry Gibbs entertained for our third Under the Magic Tree family friendly summer 2023 event - - - singing, including singalongs.  
At 10:30 the program opened with a puppet presentation of Robert Munsch's The Paper Bag Princess.  
Thank you Robert for giving permission.
The story was narrated by Sya VanGeest with puppeteers Ellen Webb, Linda Smith and Andy Timmerman.  Four mobile backdrops, created by Ellen, set the stage and enhanced the storytelling.
Ellen Webb was given her first puppet at 8 years old from her brother for a birthday present. Now with an International collection of nearly 500 puppets of every type, Ellen has taken part in every puppeteering experience she can. 
Linda Smith first toured with a puppet troupe in 1980 called Kids on the Block. She is now a member of Puppets Elora. The years in between were filled with acting in community theatre.
Andy Timmerman, this was her first formal puppet performance, thanks Ellen for the invitation and encouragement after working with her on a school play. Andy's is thrilled to be taking part in this experience.
Robert will delighted us with two sets of storytelling!  The joyous Munsch memories of growing up with his fun stories can be seen in the smiles of listeners.
 Elizabeth Matson and Ruth Danzinger, each much beloved children's storytellers, added to the charm.
under the magic tree 2023
After the program, options for the children:
Lemonade prepared and served by the Enabling Garden volunteers, book signing and photo opportunties with that personal meeting with Robert,  hand painting of trees, puppets meeting children, "Tree of Life" charm necklaces (suggestion $5.00, or as able - proceeds shared by the Enabling Garden and Guild of Storytellers). 
August 5 - A perfect morning!
Brian Holstein wrote, "700.   700 people were at the Guelph Enabling Garden this morning to hear Robert Munsch's several stories, along with Sarah Abu-Sharar, Susan McBride and Adwoa Badoe
Hosted by Sya VanGeest the line up and the sunshine brought them out in their literal hundreds.
Hannah, a doctoral student from the University of Texas, had the opportunity to briefly explain her visit to Guelph.
People came to Guelph from Windsor, Chatham, Sault St Marie, Woodstock, Durham to take in the Friday's Tea 'n' Tales and Saturday' "Under the Magic Ash."

Started at 10am with folk singer Larry Gibbs- - stories started at 10:30.
Children and their families gathered "Under the Magic Ash." Robert Munsch thrilled children and adults alike. Robert bookended the show, with Susan McBride, Adwao Badoe, and Sarah Abusarar engaging listeners in a variety of tales in between. 
After the show: Lemonade and mingling. Close to 100 Munsch fans brought one of his books and lined up for an autograph and a photograph.  It was all very exciting!

 * * * * * * * * * *

August 4:   Over 100 arrived early, enjoyed music from 10 until 10:30 am, and free coffee, compliments of Planet Bean. ( - - - using their own mugs and, most, their own chair.)

Followed by an enjoyable hour of stories by Cecilia Vizcaino and Maria del Carmen Ordenzo..

 Click here for a schedule of 2023 Tellers  
 * * * * * * * * * *
July 15 was wonderful - - the first of three summer Saturday morning events!
It featured renowned children's author/storyteller ROBERT MUNSCH,  plus experienced children's tellers, KAIT TAYLOR and SYA VANGEEST.
Most of the close to 200 listeners arrived early with their blankets and chairs to get a spot and be entertained by the music of LARRY GIBBS.  
The program was followed by free lemonade and Robert meeting over eighty children and their families, who lined up with their books for an autograph and photo with Robert.
At times not sure who was more excited, the parents with their fond memories of growing up with Robert or the children as new fans.  
It was a fun and interactive event for the whole family.

Next "under the Magic Ash":  Saturday August 5th - 10am music, 10:30 stories with Robert, Sarah and Sya, 11:30 lemonade and Robert book autographing.

 * * * * * * * * * *
 SPECIAL CANADA DAY PERFORMANCE   - It was remarkable.  More than 600 spread along the river in the Enabling Garden on Saturday morning July 1 at 10:30 am in the Guelph Enabling Garden.
The stellar line-up: Robert MunschJames Gordon, singer/songwriter/activist,   Larry Gibbs, Globe and Mail Short Story winner,  Beve Matson, our Hall-of-Fame recipient, each entertained the audience. Gathering music: 30 minutes of music by The Shepherd's Knot, began at 10:00 a.m.
Many arrived early with a mug and lawn chair and set out for an early celebration of Canada Day in Riverside Park.

  * * * * * * * * * *

   Click here for a schedule of 2023 Tellers 

Guelph Guild of Storytellers (GGS) and the Enabling Garden are proud to announce the 2023 Tea 'n' Tales, a free summer-long Friday morning storytelling series of performances, held in the idyllic setting on the Speed River, The Guelph Enabling Garden in Riverside Park. There's a proud 16-year history, with a demure beginning, but currently grown in popularity, with regular audiences of 100, and exceeding 200 with Robert Munch in 2023.  

 We have an excellent sound system, (thanks to free-will donations and a grant) so that even listeners in a stopped car had their windows down and listened.

1.    13 Friday mornings from June 16 to Sept 8 from 10:30-11:30  - - Our listeners come early:  get their favourite spot, meet friends and neighbours, be welcomed by music, enjoy a complimentary coffee/ (compliments of Planet Bean), and iced tea - (bring your own mug,  - -  and your own chair. ) - Always a lovely buzz of anticipation. . . . ..

2.   THREE FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENTS: 2:00 PM Saturday afternoons 
They promise to be a fun and interactive event for the whole family. They are followed by free lemonade.
July 15, August 5, and 19.

"The Enabling Garden is a unique venue for gathering and sharing songs and stories. The natural amphitheater is inviting. 
  ~ J&P C June 2022

TnT June 23 2023 Tea 'n' Tales June 23, 2023

Brian, Norm, Connie, Bruce, Robert, Sya



Brad, Lynne, Robert



  July 28:   Returning from Toronto, professioanl storyteller, Lynne Torrie along with renowed, Gueph's own, Brad Woods and Robert Munsch



     Click here for a schedule of 2023 Tellers  

Our Story

Tea and tales openingThe Guelph Guild of Storytellers (GGS) was founded in 1984 by a small group of Guelph authors and tellers. Now, decades later, it continues to champion storytelling with the same spirit of love for the spoken word and desire to share stories to entertain, engage, inspire wonder, curiosity, and appreciation, to spark imagination, and to inform. From the beginning, the search was for adult audiences to share and nurture the ancient art and to encourage tellers of all levels. For years, members regularly got together to build and polish stories, often around a theme, to plan programs for the year, and to organize an events calendar. Currently, a core group of seven members stand on the shoulders of these originators and proudly continue the tradition of monthly planning meetings to organize group events. In addition, we offer tutoring evenings.

Annual membership is $10.   (for email inquiries.)   

In addition, individual GGS members respond to requests for telling in senior homes, schools, churches, Scouts / Guides, birthday parties, community events, etc.  
Guelph is recognized for its vibrant, rich arts identity and diversity. GGS is proud to make a contribution to that rich tapestry. 

Currently, GGS continues its two main series during the year, fall/winter/spring in a museum (Guelph Civic Museum). summers in an outdoor setting (Enabling Garden),


Tales From the Hill: Click here to read about

tales from Hill 2018 19Over the years GGS hosted tellings in various venues including The Boat House, Guelph Public Libraries, The Book Shelf - each with a legacy of fond memories.

GGS is delighted that the Guelph Civic Museum has become a permanent home for the free monthly evening storytelling from October to June, every second Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The room opens at  6:30 for casual socializing and hot cider/goodies.

It's a privilege to be a part of the rich array of programs and services that the Civic Museum provides. 

Open mic is a regular feature at these monthly events. It's a warm, welcoming community of tellers and listeners, ideal for new tellers to test their wings. Guests are invited to register their story in advance. In addition, we end the evening with a social time around a table with light refreshments - cider, cheese/crackers, and sweets add warmth.  

GGS appreciates the collaborations, including the advantage of piggybacking on the Enabling Garden and Museum's social media presence and their generous sponsorship that allows these storytelling events to be offered free of charge. (freewill donations gratefully accepted.)

SUMMER: Tea "n" Tales continues its decade+ partnership with the Enabling Garden, a weekly Friday morning summer telling on the banks of the Speed River. (See Events for details.)

TnT crowd 2 2018

~ 2023 - Friday mornings10:30 to 11:30.

Guelph Guild of Storytellers (GGS) and the Enabling Garden is proud to announce the 2023 Tea 'n Tales, a free summer-long Friday morning storytelling series of performances, held in the idyllic setting of the Enabling Garden in Riverside Park. Over the 14 years, the event has grown in popularity, with audiences that exceeded 200 with Robert Munch in 2023.  

 We have an excellent sound system, (thanks to free-will donations and a grant) so that even listeners in a stopped car had their windows down and listened.

Click here for details and the exciting roster of 2023 tellers
Press Release at posted on Guelph Today.
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GGS links with local groups that also offer events, workshops, concerts, and directories of individual tellers. Some of these groups are: Storytellers Canada-Conteurs du Canada, Burlington Storytellers’ Guild, Storytelling Toronto

"In the same way that hammers and saws
are useful tools to build houses,

stories are useful as tools
for thinking about the world.
~The Cow of No Colour (N. Jaff & S. Zeitlin. Holt 1998).

About GGS

GGS is a team of storytellers committed to championing all forms of storytelling as part of Guelph's rich culture. through events, promotion, advocacy, and education.

GGS appreciates the partnerships with the Enabling Garden and the Guelph Civic Museum that allow our storytelling events to be offered free of charge. (freewill donations gratefully accepted.)

GGS links with local groups that also offer events, workshops, concerts, and directories of individual tellers. Some of these groups are: Storytellers Canada-Conteurs du Canada, Burlington Storytellers’ Guild, Storytelling Toronto

Browse our website to learn more about who we are, our philosophy and to meet the talented individuals involved in both organizing the Guelph Guild of Storytellers and telling stories.

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We'd love to welcome you to our next event!
Currently, GGS continues its three main series during the year:

"Tales From the Hill" - fall/winter/spring in the Guelph Civic Museum.
    - second Thursday evening of each month at 7 pm for a featured teller, GGS tellers, and an open mic.

"Tea 'n' Tales"- summers in the idyllic outdoor setting of the Guelph Enabling Garden.
Friday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30, with pre-concert music, casual socializing, and free coffee/iced tea.

"Under the Magic Ash", three family-friendly Saturday events: interactive fun storytelling

For detail visit our Events page.

Join Us

We would love to have you as a part of our Guild family. We are always looking for individuals to join us in any capacity. For more information click here or email us at guelphstory@gmail.com.

 There is a membership fee of $10.00. Members get name tags, are invited to add ideas to our events, and volunteer in operating tasks and events.

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