About Us

GGS is a team of storytellers committed to championing all forms of storytelling as part of Guelph's rich culture. through events, promotion, advocacy, and education.

         To that end:

  • We support and celebrate each other's unique talents and passions.
  • We plan programs and events for adults that offer opportunities for experienced and would-be-tellers participation.
  • We plan three family friendly summer programs, "Under the Magic Ash."  
  • We open our arms to a broader community of storytellers and supporters of storytelling to engage with us in our year-long, prescheduled events.
  • We commit to cultivating partnerships, working together, and using our storytelling skills for good.
  • We strive to adapt to the virtual world and maximize our potential.

GGS memebr with patron 2022/23

Robert Munsch becomes Patron of Guelph Storytellers Guild  (GGS) (October 12, 2022)
Robert cutting the ceremonial cake, surrounded by the GGS 2022/23 organizing team:
Susan, Brian, Don, 
Sya, Rusty, and Beve


We take pride in the highly successful annual Tea 'n' Tales with its stellar list of tellers and weekly 110  - 150 listeners, who gather in the beautiful setting of Guelph's Enabling Garden on the banks of the Speed River over thirteen perfect sunny Friday mornings. We expanded to include three summer family friendly  events, "Under the Magic Ash" 

Similarly, we're excited to partner with the Guelph Civic Museum and present Tales From the Hill, a winter/spring monthly evening program on the second Thursday/month in the Program Room at the Guelph Civic Museum.

  Want to join us? Be assured of a warm welcome. You can share and grow your talents as storytellers. We will work with you and be a partner/mentor to support your storytelling learning as requested. Whe you become a members and regular teller, we post your photo and write a profile. Click here.  You are invited to present ideas and submit questions for consideration in our core members' monthly planning meetings. You are privy to invitations directed to the Guild. (e.g., senior home, community event, school).  A membership fee of $10 goes towards our operating costs (e.g., advertising, printing, Web fees, stationery, and honourariums.) To join or for more information, e-mail guelphstory@gmail.com.

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Click here to see the Rogers TV story at #Guelph Life about us, recorded at our opening event at the Enabling Garden on June 29, 2018.