About Us

GGS is a team of storytellers committed to championing storytelling as part of Guelph's rich culture.

         To that end:

  • We support and celebrate each other's unique talents and passions.
  • We plan programs and events for adults that offer opportunities for experienced and would-be-tellers to participate.
  • We open our arms to a broader community of storytellers and supporters of storytelling to engage with us in our year-long, prescheduled events. (See guest tellers)
  • We commit to cultivate partnerships and work together and use our storytelling skills for good.
  • We strive to adapt to the virtual world and maximize our potential.(e.g., mirror live-time events to Zoom, post on our designated YouTube channel.) 

GGS group 2018

Here is the GGS 2018/19 organizing team: Rusty, Sya, Jenny, Beve, and Susan - making plans for the year (Sept 2018). (Active member, Brian is on sabbatical in 2018.)

  Want to join us? Be assured of a warm welcome. You can share your talents and/or we will work with you and be a partner/mentor to support your storytelling learning as requested. We offer to make a business card for you. We post your photo and write a profile. Click here.  You are invited to join our monthly planning meetings. You are privy to invitations directed to the Guild. (e.g., senior home, community event, school).  A membership fee of $10 goes towards our operating costs (e.g., advertising, printing, Web fees, stationery.) To join or more information, e-mail guelphstory@gmail.com.

Click here to see the Rogers TV story at #Guelph Life about us, recorded at our opening event at the Enabling Garden on June 29, 2018.