Ann Estill

  Love is in the Air for Ann Estill - (1931 - February 2019)

Ann Estil

We were deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Ann Estill on February 23, 2019. Ann was much loved in the storytelling community of Guelph.

Ann was an active member the Guelph Guild of Storytelling (GGS) for some years and then continued as an integral part of events:  Tea "N' Tales (the weekly summer telling in the Enabling Garden) and Tales From the Hill (the monthly telling at the Civic Museum).  Ann was to be the featured teller at the Civic Museum on February 6, 2019, and when a winter storm forced its cancellation, she readily agreed to tell her love-themed stories on May 1. 

Ann had a big heart and was generous to a fault. It is telling that the morning Ann was found in her home, she was scheduled to participate in a workbee at her sons’ Danby Appliances to package food items to be shipped to Syria.

That same morning the community newsletter arrived and as usual, it contained a story by Ann.  Ann is credited with nurturing a love of writing and the Newsletter features many contributions shaped through her Memoir Writing Group over the past seven/eight years .

Brian Holstein, a fellow member of GGS, concludes his tribute to Ann on GGS’s Facebook with, “The life of Ann Estill is a wonderful story. Sadly, the final chapter has been told.”

"Ann Estill, along with her late husband Don were community leaders and great friends of the University of Guelph."Recognition at UoG

Re: History Haunts: Ghost Stories of Guelph (Octber 24, 2018)

"Hi Sya and History Haunts gang,
What a successful evening and a pleasure working with all of you. . . .. I know we all had a great time. Thank you everyone for lending your considerable talents to create this fabulous evening.
Perhaps this is something we should continue next year!
. . . ."
 Val Harrison | Supervisor-Visitor Experiences, Guelph Museums
Culture, Tourism and Community Investments, City of Guelph
T 519-836-1221 x 2773

Re: Tea 'n'Tales 2018
"I am so pleased with the calibre of tellers, the appreciative attendance, the laughter and of course, the financial pleasure of receiving donations to help both of our organizations!"

Trevor Barton (Chair of Enabling Garden 2018)

"Dear Sya,
Thank YOU very much for all your lovely tales. It was a real treat for us all and a great way to usher in the Fall. I received many compliments from our guests after the event, specifically in regards to your captivating stories! A lot of folks were excited to learn about the Guelph Guild of Storytellers for the first time and are keen on attending Tales from the Hill over the winter months.
We hope our small contribution [$50] can help to keep the craft of storytelling alive!
When the photographs from the event are edited I will make sure to send them your way and cc Jenny.
Thank you once again and see you all very soon at the Guelph Civic Museum.

Fan-Ling re: Fall Equinox 2018 potluck event in the barn of Zocalo Organics Farm,

'It was lovely to be part of Tea 'n Tales this year.
There are not a lot of dedicated spaces for storytelling!  . . . Tea 'n Tales offers the rare chance to tell longer stories to a group of people who are there because they really want to listen!'
- Lynne Torrie (Tea 'n' Tales July 13, 2018)

"Paul and I would like to thank the Guelph Guild of Storytellers for organizing Tea ‘n’ Tales – such a wonderful event for seniors. We have enjoyed the Fridays in Guelph this summer. The stories and music have been excellent. We appreciate the time, energy, and enthusiasm it takes to put on such an event! And, as performers, we appreciated the attentive listening audience."

~ Judy and Paul Caulfield (Tea 'n' Tales. August 24, 2018)

"Tea N Tales which takes place at Riverside Park each Friday during the summer months is an unrivalled success of volunteerism and community. Each week at the Guelph Enabling Garden, different storytellers spin yarns which are listened to by 100 or more attendees of all ages - children with parents, parents with grandparents, grandparents with grandchildren. This use of the gardens is wonderfully inspiring, for many people who come to be healed of whatever ails them: loneliness, aches and pains, something missing from their lives - maybe just a need to be a part of a company of listeners enjoying a fine park, fine weather and community. Thank you to all the volunteers who understand that stories unify us and when we are in need, heal us."                  

~ Phil Allt (Guelph City Councillor)

"On Friday, August 10, I told at the Guelph's Tea n' Tale's festival. I was very pleased to be invited back for the second year and eager to return. Telling at the Guelph Tea n' Tales, is a truly special experience. The audience is large, a diverse audience but consisting mostly of seniors living in seniors homes. They return each week, enjoying a morning of tales, music outdoors in a beautiful park. With such an audience and setting it is difficult not to tell well. The storytelling community in Guelph are warm and welcoming. I will be returning again, before the season ends, this time as an eager listener." 

~ Sarah Abusarar (Tea 'n' Tales August 10, 2018)

"It’s an idyllic setting for a beautiful event. People come out, and they listen intently. They look like flowers in a garden. 
With the audience so engaged in the storytelling and the music, we can really expand on the intros or stories behind the songs. The Storytellers have come up with a great formula here."

~ Tannis Slimmon (Tea 'n' Tales June 29, 2018)

"Here at the Guelph Guild of Storytellers, I get my “dress rehearsal”. They say a bad dress rehearsal means a good show and to a point, that’s true. There comes a time when a story is ready to be told, but the storyteller knows the first time out there will be weak spots; mistakes have to be made, that’s how we learn. This is where I can do that, in complete comfort. For me, Stories From The Hill at the Guelph Civic Museum during autumn, winter, spring, is the dress rehearsal for the performance at Tea and Tales on the banks of the Speed River in summer. What an amazing organization; a place where you can tell and listen to good stories, well told!"

~  Jay Wilson (Tea 'n' Tales August 3, 2018)

"The setting for our Friday morning meetings is indeed a beautiful one. We sit in a beautiful forest glade surrounded by tall ash trees. Their leaves  move slowly in the wind as a variety of birds pass overhead. Through the leaves one can see sunlight glinting on the waves of the Speed River. All this provides a beautiful backdrop for the variety of excellent  tellers with which we are entertained."
~ Heather Akin (Tea 'n' Tales. Appreciative listerner)

"Tea ’n’ Tales has been a favourite  enduring weekly tradition in Riverside Park for the past 11 summers. How lovely it is to sit by the river in the idyllic Enabling Gardens listening to stories and songs by talented storytellers and songwriters from near and far. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers of the Guelph Guild of Storytellers and the Guelph Enabling Gardens for creating this special experience and ensuring it is accessible to all!" 

~ Cathy Downer, (Guelph City Councillor)

"What a wonderful opportunity to hear stories outdoors, in the peaceful and beautiful Riverside Park. An excellent sound system ensured that everyone could hear….and they were enthusiastically hanging onto every word! Friendly volunteers made everyone feel comfortable and welcome."

~ Lynn Torrie (Toronto Teller)

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