Adwoa Badoe

Adwoa T'n'T2018  ~ SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 ~        
Adwoa Badoe is a storyteller extraordinaire, using a fun, interactve approach to African oral tradition. She was a physician in her native Ghana before imigrating to Canada and moving to Guelph. Here she evolved into an African Griot contributing her multiple talents and skills in many areas in The Arts. She's is an award-winning author, an African Dance instructor recognized for her unigue and infectuous vibrancy. Adwoa is a sought after workshop leader, teacher and motivational speaker. She has entertained audiences young and old with her appearances at many events such as Toronto and Montreal Storytelling Festivals, Hillside and Eden Mills. GGS is delighted and grateful that Adwoa continues as a regular teller at their events.

Adwoa at Tea 'n' Tales August 31, 2018  
Photo by: Jessica Lovell/Metroland

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