Jenny Q

Jenny ~ AUGUST 9, 2019 ~ 

Jenny came to the open mic at GGS events about five years ago, expressing a keen interest in the art of storytelling. Jenny has become a regular teller, transporting listeners into the wrold of  folktales using her expressvie style. JennyQ has participated in Tea and Tales since 1914, as well as telling regularly at Stories on the Hill at the Civic Museum. 
She tells us how she has always loved writing and sharing her ideas and stories. As a child she was introduced to the world of theatre and storytelling by her mother, Kim, volunteering with The Savoy Society. . . a theatre group that puts on an Annual Gilbert and Sullivan production. JennyQ was the only 10 year old around singing patter songs.She recalls loving the click clack ding of the electric typewriter and the humm of her old dot matrix printer from her youth. 
Her love for reading, stories and music carried her to the University of Windsor where she earned an honours BA in Drama and Communication Studies. This past December Jenny was published for the first time in a beautiful collection of stories with multiple other Authors in a book called Empowered Hearts. Now she dives into her laptop and has recently begun a blog on her site, which can be found at: