Ellen Webb

Ellen Webb ~ JULY 12 , 2019 ~ 

Ellen wears many hats ranging from puppeteer to face painter to actor to storyteller, at times successfully incorporating one or all of these skills into one entertaining package. Ellen is generous to a fault, sharing in a number of ways and settings including schools, senior homes, community centres, and museums. This Web editor participated as narrator experiencing the moving story, A Bear In War, under Ellen's creative direction, infused with shadow puppets, sound effects, puppets, 'simple' set, shadow acting, student actors, . . .. We presented in a junior school auditorium filled with children and teachers (JK-Gr 6). The idiom, 'You could have heard a pin drop', applied.    
Ellen has a pioneer collection of early Ontario artifacts that would make a museum proud. She offers full-day, participatory workshops with rave reviews. 

Ellen is a 'retired' teacher and she is applauded for the richness and magic of her teaching stragedies. How her students must have revelled in the many cool tools she used to enhance their learning!  

Ellen owns and operates "Puppets 'n' Paints".

Come and experience Ellen on July 12 and be surprised.