Donna McCaw

Donna McCaw   ~ JULY 10, 2020  ~ 

        Donna McCaw has been telling stories since 1994 to a wide variety of audiences from preschoolers to elementary / high school students, to senior citizens. She's delighted listerners at Harbourfront, the Story Barn at Baden, and the Victoria Festival of Storytelling as well as local venues. She often writes her own stories for telling and has published two short story collections, Sing a Song of Six Packs, and Under the Apple Boughs, as well as two poetry collections, Spiral to the Heart, and The Spell of Crazy Love

In addition, Donna ls a speaker and workshop presenter on Retirement Readiness, Retirement Planning for Women, and other topics. She is also an arts organizer, community volunteer and activists around water conservation, and world traveller.
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Donna at Tea 'n' Tales July 20, 2018