Jay Wilson


 CONFIRMED ~ AUG 28, 2020 ~ 

Like the age-old tradition of travelling troubadour, Jay has put to memory numerous poems and tales, delivering whatever suits the occasion. This “Elocutionist” has been a featured teller at Guelph’s annual Tea ‘n’ Tales and Tales on the Hill.

Jay has enriched the Arts scene in Guelph in a number of ways. He is storyteller, actor, puppeteer, elocutionist, vaudevillian, writer, producer, director. . . .

Here are a few examples: 
In dramatic telling, through live walk-a-bouts, Jay brings local history to life on the sites where the stories happened. This past summer, 2018, there was his live theatre project. Jay produced and directed "Mary's Wedding" by Stephen Massicotte, performed in the backyard of John McCrae's birthplace in Guelph. www.p2ptheatre.weebly.com 

Jay has gained fame with his Pandora's Sox, puppets - Jay, Pandora, Prometheus, Lionel, Ghostie, Valerie, Ziggy, Petunia. We fell in love with them. Jay was brilliant telling stories through them. He recently announced, "After 8 years of entertaining children and seniors, the puppets are saying farewell. We've enjoyed travelling throughout Ontario. Met wonderful people, gained terrific memories. . . .thanks for all the fun."

Jay states, "Thanks to all who attended these shows," and we say "Thank you, Jay for sharing your wonderfully gifted, unigue storytelling with us."  
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Jay at Tea 'n' Tales July 13, 2018