Tea ‘n’ Tales 2022

The summer storytelling event series is back IN PERSON IN TWO WAYS
Guelph Enabling Garden
& Guelph Guild of Storytellers is thrilled to invite you back to hear your favorite tellers share their tales.
1.   10:30 AM every Friday from June 17 – Sept 9, 2022
Come early: 
get your spot, meet friends and neighbours, be welcomed by music, and enjoy a complimentary coffee/ (compliments of Planet Bean), and iced tea - bring your own mug, . . . ..

NEXT: Aug 26: Heather Whaley, JennyQ

2.  FAMILY-FRIENDLY: 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon on August 13.
Promises to be a fun and interactive hour for the whole family. Come and say hello to beloved Robert Munch. Followed by free lemonade.

"The Enabling Garden is a unique venue for gathering and sharing song and story. The natural amphitheater is inviting.  The listeners are welcoming and attentive.
It is the perfect place and you work
[Brian and Trevor] to make it so.   ~ J&P C June 2022

Click here to see the Rogers TV story at #Guelph Life about the Enabling Garden and the Guelph Guild of Storytellers (GGS) and the plans for the upcoming sixteenth Tea 'n' Tales 2022

Browse this site for more detail.

James Gordon July 1July 1, James and Brian charmed the audience of 147 keen listeners. 

Brian July 1





TnT June 24 2022On June 24, Cecilia Vizcaino, Paul & Judy Caulfield charmed us! (over ninety listeners )
"Hi Brian and everyone!
Thank you so much for such a beautiful event! That place is magical and you guys make it even more special! Great chat at the pub too! It's nice to be in person again!
Hoping to see you all soon!               ~  Cecilia Vizcaino

          Astrid - violin TnT June 24 2022Beautiful violin music to welcome arrivals.

Charmed by Brenda's stories at the Tea 'n' Tales launch on June 17                         
                                                              Schedule of Tellers:

Brenda Byers June 17, 2022Jun 17: Don Conibear, Brenda Byers 

Jun 24: Judy & Paul Caulfield, Cecilia Vizcaino 

Jul 1: James Gordon, Brian Holstein 

Jul 8: Adwoa Badoe, Sya VanGeest

Jul 15: June Brown, Anna Kerz 

Jul 22: Lynne Torrie and Mary Baldersaro  

Jul 29: Susan Ida Boucaud, Kait Taylor 

Aug 5: Sarah AbÅ­sarar,

Aug 12: Beve Matson, Elizabeth Matson 

Aug 19: Donna McCaw, Maria del Carmen Ordonez 

Aug 26: Heather Whaley, JennyQ 

Sep 2: Jay Wilson, Brad Woods

Sep 9: Norman Perrin, Rusty Dougherty 

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VirtualiTEA 'n' Tales 2021

"The summer storytelling event series was back in 2021, in a slightly different format!
Guelph Enabling Garden & Guelph Guild of Storytellers
were thrilled to present  VirtualiTea ‘n’ Tales.
Many joined us online the summer of 2021 to hear favorite tellers share their tales.

Find details on: http://www.enablinggarden.org/

VnT 21 poster

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Tea 'n' Tales 2020. What was to be an exciting season.


How did Tea ‘n’ Tales 2020 unfold this summer?”  It wasn't to be in real-time.  The season we'd enjoyed for twelve years in a row was canceled. The memories of those years! Over 100 listeners, the majority seniors, sipping iced tea or freshly brewed coffee, sitting on rocks and lawn chairs clustered in the shade of trees along the river, enthralled as they listen to the magic of stories by talented invited guests. That, of course, not possible strung out with two-meter distancing.
The summer was barren without Tea ‘n’ Tales but then all events, such as Guelph’s beloved annual Hillside Summer Festival, Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, and Elora Music Festival, all canceled for this season. Guelph's rich summer arts life diminished indeed!!

Enabling Garden Storytelling on July 29 with Donna McCaw

In the idyllic setting of the Enabling Garden, storyteller Donna McCraw
captures the listeners with the power of story (July 20, 2018) 
 See the featured guest tellers who would have delighted 100+ listeners at this summer's Tea 'N' Tales.

"What is Tea 'n' Tales?"
Every Friday morning in the summer, there's excitement, anticipation, and a buzz as people gather in the 
Enabling Garden in Riverside Park in Guelph at 10:30 in the morning. Some listeners arrive more than 30 minutes early to get their favourite spot, greet friends' arrival, or just luxuriate in a peaceful setting. 

Trevor and Brian discussing details for Tea 'n' TalesThis is a successful collaborative project between the Enabling Garden and GGS that was launched in 2007.
(Photo captures Brian and Trevor planning Tea 'n' Tales 2018)
Since then 
people have gathered in ever-increasing numbers in the sublime setting of the Enabling Garden nestled along the Speed River to listen to stories. 

During the summer, on Friday mornings at 10:30, we have a one-hour program consisting of performances by local and invited tellers, some accompanied by music or puppets. Listeners bring their own chairs or sit on rocks and benches.

Although the events are, freewill donations are graciously accepted and shared between the partners. These donations have allowed, amongst other things, the GEG to purchase necessary items to enhance their programs and covered the operating expenses of GGS.

There is limited seating provided, so audience members are strongly encouraged to bring their own chairs and to arrive early to ensure the best view. Iced tea and lemonade are prepared and served by GEG volunteers and in addition, the first 30+ people who bring their own mugs will be treated to a free coffee; organizers do not provide any disposable cups.

Each session begins with an acknowledgment that this beautiful garden stands in ancient Indigenous land and that today Guelph and its surroundings continue to be blessed with a strong community of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit descendants who have much to teach us. 

 Total attendance at Tea 'n' Tales 2018 was 1168  

The 2018 season of Tea ‘n’ Tales is now history; a pleasant experience for us to remember throughout the winter months.
And it was a remarkably successful season: we had record crowds; a season when no one audience was less than 100; a season where we saw six incredible tellers make their debut – and a wonderful impression – at the Guelph Enabling Garden.
 May you visit that Garden again.
                                                                                                                                     ~ Brian Holstein: Tea ‘n’ Tales 2018

Another delightful morning spent at Riverside Park with Guelph Storytellers! 
Please add me to your mailing list.
       ~ Barbara

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