Tales From the Hill on Zoom

WHAT: GGS monthly Tales From the Hill with invited guests, open mic, and Guelph Guild members

DATES:  First Wednesday each month:  Oct 6,  Nov 3,  Dec 1,  Jan 5,  Feb 2,  Mar 2,  Apr 6,  May 4,  Jun 1,

TIME: Zoom door opens at 6:30 pm EDT for casual socialization.   The program starts at 7:00 PM.  We strive to mirror our pre-COVID monthly live events at the Civic Museum. To that end, there is casual socialization before and after the storytelling, (: >) but no hot cider, cheese, and sweets :>)

THEMES/ROSTER: Click here to see the themes and roster.  If you'd like to volunteer to tell a story, email the Webmaster here: guelphstory@gmail.com

WHERE: Virtual, on Zoom platform  (until  Guelph Civic Museum can open again to public performance)


Meeting ID: 599 831 8888
One tap mobile or dial: 16468769923

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On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, the Tales From the Hill season was closed with a two-hour event. It was a charming evening.  Such a rich eclectic array of stories  - - -  folktales that prompted listeners to suspend belief as only a story can do, stories of family, memories, and mystery. 
We welcomed celebrated tellers: Susan Boucaud, Jean Bubba, Elizabeth Matson, and June Brown. In addition, our own members Don Conibear, Brian Holstein, Rusty Dougherty, and Jenny Q charmed us.

Click here to learn about our members.

Each month it was wonderful to welcome listeners and tellers from far and wide.  Not to be trite, but the silver lining applies to the virtual world was evident.  How, else but virtually, could we meet friends from Texas, Wisconsin, Australia, across the country, and more.

Now we welcome the summer event - every Friday morning at 10:30 EDT. Click here.

Messages from listeners and guest tellers:

 I'm so glad I got to hear your story Sya! As always, it was a special tale and you told it so beautifully.
  • Thank you!
    ~ AK June 5, 2021
  •  Brian always seems to come up with something new and different that tickles the funny bone, touch the heart and gives us a glimpse into life in Australia as it used to be.
    ~ AK June 2, 2021
  • Hello Sya,
    Just want to thank you for extending an invitation to Villagers to attend the telling last evening.   I enjoyed it very much!   Don's story about the Burghers of Calais picked me, and I’ve now repeated it to my son, an illustrator, who knows more about art than I do, and who will be very interested in the story I’m sure.    I don’t see myself as a storyteller, but I sure like to hear a good story so that was a great pleasure for me, and I am grateful!  🤓
    ~ LK. May 5, 2021
  •   Sya, I just love the way you tell, the honesty in your voice, and your choice of stories- you are awesome!. This week I found a link on Facebook to the Guelph Guild of storytellers and I was able to listen to you on YouTube. I was truly elated.
    ~ CD, Halifax.
  •  "What a treat and a privilege to share the Guelph Story Teller’s stories tonight.  I enjoy myself as a listener each month. But at Christmas, and this Christmas especially, we all need to think of these wonderful stories from years past. So thankful."
    ~ NC.  (Dec 23, 2020)
  • "Many thanks for the invite to tell in Guelph. I enjoyed the stories and meeting your group. Susan’s ending was perfect."
    ~ JB (Dec 2, 2020)
  • ". . . Find it interesting and intriguing that there could be such a variety of stories.  Thumbs up! "
    ~ DV (Dec 2, 2020)
  • ". . . Your evenings always have a lovely tone of peace, acceptance, and impressive tales. Thank you."
    ~ AK (Nov 4, 2020)
  • . . . thanks for such a delightful evening last night.  I have the dates noted until Christmas.

    ~ NC (Sept 3, 2020)