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 Brad Woods Wednesday, April 3 from 7 to 8:30 at the Civic Museum

 Join Storyteller Brad Woods as he will have just returned from a Story Tour in England's Lake District as well as the TD Family Story Day at the Toronto Storytelling Festival. Brad will be bringing a head full of folktales and personal stories about recent adventures, lessons learned and April fools!
Members of the GGS will join Brad for a few additional stories and hearing one offering registered through our open mic invitation. 

The event if free. There is a hat for freewill donations to defray the operating costs of the Guild. 

Youth and adults are invited to be part of a warm welcoming community of tellers and listeners in monthly Tales From the Hill. Hot cider and goodies add warmth to the gathering.  

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 RustyGGS is delighted to feature guild member Michael (Rusty) Doughtery. Rusty will tap into his Irish roots to shape stories that will compliment the month of March. Rusty is recognized for his keen interest in history's hidden secrets. His stories, founded on thorough research and impressvie knowledge, come alive and you catch his enthusiasm and love of the story.  
Other members of the Guild will be part of the progam: SusanBeve and Sya 
NOTE: Open mic: - - a regular feature at these monthly events. You're invited to test your wings in this  warm, welcoming community of tellers and listeners, We ask you register your story in advance. 
In addition, we end the evening with a social time around a table with light refreshments - cider, cheese/crackers and sweets to add warmth. 

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  ~ February 6 ~  .  FEATURED TELLER: ANN ESTILL 


Image may contain: 1 person So many things to celebrate and remember:

It's Black History month, it's the month of LOVE and, to top it off, Chinese New Year - our stories will honour all three. 

Our featured teller, Ann estill, brings us, "Love is in the Air." Ann is a popular, regular storyteller at Tea "N" Tales, the summer Friday mornings in the  Enabling Garden. The audience at the Civic Museum are bound to be similarly charmed by Ann's stories.

 Guild members stories will reflect the other two. There will even be a Dragon Dance to drive out evil and bring good luck. 

Photo collage by Jenny as she posted on Facebook 

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Elizabeth MatsonA storyteller since 1987 (though her mother (GGS storyteller, Beve Matson) claims she has been telling stories since she was five), Elizabeth Matson is a spinner of tales, weaving magic into her renditions of traditional tales and real-life narratives for adults, teens and children. Elizabeth incorporates creative drama, yoga, and her love of language into her performances and workshops. She offers workshops on collecting and shaping stories, family storytelling, storytelling for librarians, and beginning storytelling. Her story specialties include ghost stories, fairy tales, myths, and family stories.



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December 5 TEATURED TELLERS: GGS members 

Civic Museum

GGS by Jenny"Tales Shaped by the Season"  

Wednesday December 5 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  

 It was a magical eclectic array of stories by Guild members. 

Photo collage by Jenny as she posted on Facebook