Tales From the Hill 2022-23: in-person at the Civic Museum


WHAT: GGS monthly Tales From the Hill at the Guelph Civic Museum with invited guests, open mic, and Guelph Guild members

DATES:  Second Thursday each month:  Oct to June

TIME: 6:30 pm EDT Museum doors open for casual socialization. The program starts at 7:00 PM.  When the pandemic struck,  we quickly pivoted to Zoom, not missing a single month. Now we're back to in-person!!   We're open for casual socialization before and after the storytelling, with hot cider, cheese, and sweets.

2019- 2022 - VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE:  Although we agree that storytelling is a dynamic active interplay among the story, the teller, and listeners, and, so virtual storytelling via Zoom was definitely second-best, one positive by-product of the virtual world was that geography was no barrier. For almost three years, we've been charmed by storytellers in India, Brazil, England, Australia, Wisconsin, Texas, . . .. - the value of storytelling to connect communities! We will miss that aspect of the virtual world.

GUIDELINES: Stories should be no more than ten minutes and may include any type of telling, but not reading. So if you have a ballad, a poem, a personal story, or a folk/fairytale, come and share it at the Guelph Civic Museum.  You can e-mail here to discuss a telling or arrive early (6:30 EST) and let us know.

THEMES/ROSTER: Each month we feature a theme as a suggested story prompter.  Here's an invitation to email the Webmaster to tell: guelphstory@gmail.com, and volunteer for an open mic as time allowed.

WHERE: Guelph Civic Museum.

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Now we welcome the summer event - every Friday morning at 10:30 EDT. Click here.

Messages from listeners and guest tellers:

  • " Thanks for inviting me to the Storytelling Evening last night! (I feel like I should let you know that I didn’t mean to be uninvolved by staying off-camera last night - I had had a long day in front of zoom and was completely ‘zoomed out’ by the evening. I just needed a break from that camera!)  All of the stories were wonderful, but in particular, the first one about the drop of honey was incredible.
    Wow. I loved the whole evening, and really appreciate you letting me know it was happening. Thanks, Sya!
          ~  CP Feb 3, 2022
  •  I'm so glad I got to hear your story Sya! As always, it was a special tale and you told it so beautifully. Thank you!

               ~ AK June 5, 2021

  • Brian always seems to come up with something new and different that tickles the funny bone, touch the heart, and gives us a glimpse into life in Australia as it used to be.
    ~ AK June 2, 2021
  •  Don's story about the Burghers of Calais picked me, and I’ve now repeated it to my son, an illustrator, who knows more about art than I do, and who will be very interested in the story I’m sure.    I don’t see myself as a storyteller, but I sure like to hear a good story so that was a great pleasure for me, and I am grateful!  🤓
    ~ LK. May 5, 2021
  •   Sya, I just love the way you tell, the honesty in your voice, and your choice of stories- you are awesome!. This week I found a link on Facebook to the Guelph Guild of storytellers and I was able to listen to you on YouTube. I was truly elated.
    ~ CD, Halifax.
  •  "What a treat and a privilege to share the Guelph Story Teller’s stories tonight.  I enjoy myself as a listener each month. But at Christmas, and this Christmas especially, we all need to think of these wonderful stories from years past. So thankful."
    ~ NC.  (Dec 23, 2020)
  • "Many thanks for the invite to tell in Guelph. I enjoyed the stories and meeting your group. Susan’s ending was perfect."
    ~ JB (Dec 2, 2020)
  • ". . . Find it interesting and intriguing that there could be such a variety of stories.  Thumbs up! "
    ~ DV (Dec 2, 2020)
  • ". . . Your evenings always have a lovely tone of peace, acceptance, and impressive tales. Thank you."
    ~ AK (Nov 4, 2020)