MEMORIES: Special GGS Events

 CANADA DAY 2023  - Saturday morning July 1 at 10:30 in the Guelph Enabling Garden
An amazing event! Over 650 people enjoyed the stellar line-up  of  Robert MunchJames Gordon, singer/songwriter/activist,   Larry Gibbs, Globe and Mail Short Story winner,  Beve Matson, our Hall-of-Fame recipient. Gathering music: 30 minutes of music by The Shepherd's Knot, began at 10:00 a.m.
Many arrived early with a mug and lawn chair and set out for an early celebration of Canada Day in Riverside Park.
It was fabulous!!

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Tellers-World Storyteller Day Marhc 20, 2023

Guelph joined the global celebrations
"By Word of Mouth", an exciting World Story Day event
Monday, March 20 at 7 pm at the Civic Museum.

 A collaboration between the Guelph Civic Museum and the Guelph Guild of Storytellers.

  The roster of tellers:  in presenting order - Robert Munch, Brian Holstein, Brad Woods, Adwoa Badoe, Beve Matson, Sarah Abusarar, Norman Perrin, and Rusty Dougherty. (With Susan McBride, Guild Treasurer, Membership, and refreshments.)

. . Photo by Renata Mares

Click here and read more about the event.

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Guelph Guild of Storytellers and celebrated Guelph guests celebrated Canada Day 2020 with Stories:

Canada Day 2020How to respond to this summer's cancellation of our much-loved Tea  "n" Tales 2020?  Canada Day 2020 weekend would have been the launch with James Gordon and Brian Holstein. How to continue to celebrate the wonderful world of stories and their tellers?" We wrestled with the question. We went virtual.

Click here for GGS YouTube, recording to hear the eclectic array of voices and stories on July 1, Canada Day. 

These include a Q 'n'A with First Nation's teacher, Bruce Weaver;   renowned Guelph Troubador, James GordonLove You Forever told by renowned beloved author, Robert Munchtreasured Guelph teller, Brad Woods,   Spoken Word performer,  Kevin Sutton,  and GGS members, Bev Matson, Brian Holstein, Don Conobear, Jenny Q,  Michael Dougherty, and Sya VanGeest  

Lots of kudos to GGS' virtual Canada Day 2020 event on its YouTube channel.  There were common themes in the positive comments.  They included the inclusion of a variety of voices and the quality of the participants.
Click here to see testimonials,

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History Haunts: Ghost Stories of Guelph

tellersHi Val, Anna et al,
"What a delightful evening in every way. So happy you trusted the GGS to help you bring it to fruition - a challenge for creative research and shaping of stories. It was a great idea to plunge into with zest. Kudos to all of us. 
A special thank you to Gus, an actor/director/writer from Australia in Guelph. Brad and Jay, thank you for responding and sharing your excellent talents. Mike, you looked great and started to swagger like we can imagine Capone. Susan, you’re a gift! Jenny, you wrote a brilliant piece and brought it to life. Loved working with you.
Too bad we could not hear each other. I did sneak into the opening gathering and heard Val and Anna. You are both excellent tellers. Val, what an actor! 
 Also Luke for your invaluable help in researching primary searches for Jenny and I. 
Thank us all." 
(Beve and Brian, we missed you.)
 Sya (GGS)

Val responds, (Val, Supervisor-Visitor Experiences, Guelph Museums) 

Hi, Sya and History Haunts gang,
"What a successful evening and a pleasure working with all of you. Ditto to all the kudos you wrote Sya. I know we all had a great time. Thank you everyone for lending your considerable talents to create this fabulous evening.
Perhaps this is something we should continue next year!
I have attached a couple of photos I took on my phone—sorry Jay, you had just left and we missed getting you in the group shot. I will send more when we get them off the camera Frankie was using.

Take care everyone.".
Val Harrison |
Culture, Tourism and Community Investments, City of Guelph
T 519-836-1221 x 2773