Stories to Delight

Storytelling is in our human DNA, the beating heart of community - - a universal, timeless love affair of the dynamic interplay among stories, tellers and listeners.  Is it any wonnder that current virtual platforms and socail media, although second best, are nevertheless embraced by storytellers.

Check out these opportunities to get connected to recommended events.

> > > Tannis & Lewis Backyard Concerts

Be charmed by Tannis & Lewis live stream concerts.  Launched on June 20/20, they opened their backyard in Guelph to a small socially distanced audience and the rest of the world through livestream. This week the program includes one of Guelph's favourite storytellers, Brad Woods.

> > > Fridays with Michael (Rusty) Dougherty

Rusty, GGS member, is doing his part to give us a lift during these continuing uncertain times by giving us a new story every Friday.  His extensive, growing repertoire includes traditional, historical and personal stories.  His inquisitive, creative mind shapes the lives of 'ordinary' obscure Canadians and brings them to life.  Click here to hear him.  Follow Rusty on Facebook. 

> > > Virtual 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling

 Every Friday, 8:00 to 10:00 PM, with a short break around 9:00 (Virtual doors open at 7:30 PM EDT)

Join online. Click here to the link.

"Every Friday evening link to 1001 Storytelling. Who will be the tellers? From India, from Sweden, from USA, from across Canada? What stories will we hear ? A ballad, a slam poem, a personal tale, a spin on a fairy/folk tale?  It's a joy to hear the eclectic array and varity voices. In addition, I've responded to the open mic invitation and thoroughly enjoyed telling stories.  Highly reccomended.!" Sya (GGS member)

> > > CNE At Home: Walks and Talks

Feeling nostalgic for the CNE?  Have your own fond memories?  Catch story tellers Evan Carter and June Brown as they share stories of their own memories and experiences at the CNE.  Hosted by Briane Nasimok in partnership with Storytelling Toronto. . Click Here.


> > > Jay Walking Guelph

PictureWhat fun!  Founded on careful research, Jay Wilson, one of Guelph's popular, much loved, storyteller, poet, playwright, troubadour, takes us on an entertaining walking tour around a part of Guelph and brings to life the untold stories of events and people where they happened. Follow Jay on Facebook.  Click here details.  



> > > Lynn Torrie

 We've been thrilled to have gifted, experienced teller, Lynn Torrie, grace Tea n' Tales and now she continues giving.  Enjoy her dramatic telling of a charming tale, The Man Who Had Nothing.
Visit Lynn on her Website and respond to her invitations to a number of events she is hosting, Join Toronto storytellers' 1001 Storytelling event every Friday evening from 8:00 to 10:00. Imagine, they h

> > > Elizabeth Matson

Elizabeth, a regular experienced professional guest teller at Tea ‘n’ Tales, was scheduled to return by popular demand on August 21.
Elizabeth posts a weekly “Yoga, Story. Play”, from her home as part of the virtual children’s program of the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wisconsin. This link gives access to her stories.  Enjoy, and i suggest you pass this link on to friends and neighbours with wee ones in their lives. 

> > > Brian Holstein

Brian, an active member of the Guelph Guild Of Storytellers (GGS), also gives us a regualr Friday monring story. 
Here's one.
Brian gives us the historical context for his recitation of, “And the Band Played, Waltzing Matilda’.” He tells how he met and received permission from Eric Bogle, creator of the lyrics, to perform the story. It commemorates the terrible brave sacrifice made by the Anzacs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) during WWII. The events and memorials touch Brian deeply. It’s part of the history of his birth country, Australia. The event is remembered every year on April 25. This April 2020 Remembrance year, Brian shared the lyrics from his home.  Click here to hear is powerful telling, “And the Band Played, Waltzing Matilda’.”  Visit Brian's Facebook and enjoy his regualr Friday story.