Ann Estill

Ann Estill 2

Ann Estill: 1931 - 2019

Ann at Tea 'n' Tales July 20, 2018

We were deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Ann Estill on February 23, 2019. Ann was much loved in the storytelling community of Guelph.

Ann told stories, myths, legends, and folktales, for well over two decades.  Ann was comfortable in the classroom, before community groups, at house parties, and in the church setting. Well-chosen and well-prepared stories were her trademarks.

Ann was an active member of the Guelph Guild of Storytelling (GGS) for years and later continued as an integral part of events:  Tea "N' Tales (the weekly summer telling in the Enabling Garden) and Tales From the Hill (the monthly telling at the Civic Museum).  Ann was to be the featured teller at the Civic Museum on February 6, 2019, and when a winter storm forced its cancellation, she readily agreed to tell her love-themed stories on May 1, but sadly, that was not to be. 

Ann had a big heart and was generous to a fault. It is telling that the morning Ann was found in her home, she was scheduled to participate in a work bee at her sons’ Danby Appliances to package food items to be shipped to Syria.

That same morning the community newsletter, TreeTalk, arrived and as usual, it contained a story by Ann.  Ann is credited with nurturing a love of writing and the Newsletter features many contributions shaped through her Memoir Writing Group over the past seven/eight years.

Brian Holstein, a fellow member of GGS, concludes his tribute to Ann on GGS’s Facebook with, “The life of Ann Estill is a wonderful story. Sadly, the final chapter has been told.”

"Ann Estill, along with her late husband Don were community leaders and great friends of the University of Guelph."Recognition at UoG