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Susan, Sya, Rusty, Gus, Jenny and special guest, Brad

Guelph Haunting Civic Museum Oct 24 2018History Haunts: Ghost Stories of Guelph at the Guelph Civic Museum on October 24, 2018
Hosted by Guelph Museums 

Hi Sya and History Haunts gang, 
What a successful evening and a pleasure working with all of you. Ditto to all the kudo you wrote Sya. I know we all had a great time. Thank you everyone for lending your considerable talents to create this fabulous evening.
Perhaps this is something we should continue next year!
Val Harrison | Supervisor-Visitor Experiences, Guelph Museums
                                                   Culture, Tourism and Community Investments, City of Guelph
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 Haunting Guelph Ghost Stories Oct 24 2018 2


Brian Holstein October 18, 2018 in Swaziland

 Brian collecting stories hither and yonBrian Zebra flipped 

Brian said, "A useless argument with a zebra. Obviously we are of different political stripes."
(Oct 18, 2018. Swaziland.)

But we Guelph Storytellers Guild (GGS) members aren't so sure. We always wondered? Where does Brian get his unique stories?"  Is the answer here? Is the secret out? Looks like Dr. Dolittle has nothing on him.  So that is why he's forever travelling? 
What wonderful story is Zebra giving him? 
Is Brian guilty of plagiarism or at least appropriation? 

Brian's family, took another spin on the scene, "What, another family reunion?"  
"A bit early to be arguing with that horse, it's still in its pyjamas."

Brian obervedA useless argument with a zebra. Obviously we are of different political stripes.


Jenny KaspiraJenny Kasmiri

Jenny, how do you find your stories?

When travelling,  I'm always alert to the possibility of stories. This was a wonderful trip I took to Irelend in the spring of 2018. Is there a better place than Ireland to find the thin places where stories beckon? Here I am in Blarney Castle writing notes for ideas. Who knows what seed for a story got planteed here.

Jenny Kaspira 

Here I am in the leprechaun museum learning stories. Someone said that the spark and smile is evidence that leprechauns recognized a kindred spirit, worthy to tell their stories. Wow!!  




From Sya VanGeest  "A Perfect Setting for Storytelling" (Sunday September 16, 2018. Note to Fan-Ling Suen, organizer of the Fall Equinox Potluck)

Zocala Organics"The Fall Equinox potluck event  in the barn of Zocalo Organics Farm was magic, simply magic! It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. The ambience in the barn was enchanting - subdued light with the bright sun shining through the boards and door. You know how the sun’s rays pick up swirling dust? I could see the angled beams behind you and your guests sitting on their bales of hay, on the floor or chairs. The listeners were so in tune with the stories. I’m not sure I’ve ever had such an enthusiastic “Going on a Dragon Hunt” participation. I loved it. What a fine group of people.  When you see them, please pass along my appreciation. 
The drive home through the beautiful sunny hilly countryside was a perfect way to end the visit.
And then I opened your thank you card and there was a $100 bill for the Guild. Thank you. Thank you. Treasurer Beve will be delighted to deposit it to help cover our operating expenses. 
barn3 sya barn