Don Conibear

Ron ConibearAs a young boy, it was on his Grandfather’s knee, as he spun tales of his adventures in Canada’s far north, that Don was first exposed to the art and magic of story telling. 
Along with the mini-dramas of daily life, a career in law enforcement provided Don with many stories of his own that needed to be told.
Husband to his delightful wife Carolyn, and father to three grown children, Don recalls a time when his family would gather around the campfire on family road trips, and his children would say “Dad, tell us the story about the time….”  
In each of Don’s story, he tries to find the light in the darkness, the humour in the messy, inspiration in the brave, and the humanity in us all. 
Now as a member of  Guelph’s Guild of Story Tellers, Don has found an outlet to share his stories, real and imagined (usually a bit of both),  with a broader audience.