Augusta Supple

Gus Supple

Augusta (Gus), GGS' newest member, (Oct. 11, 2018) leaped in with both feet to participate in, "History Haunts: Guelph Ghost Stories", an event at Civic Museum on October 24, 2018. A superb event. Here's Gus in role.  

Gus, a Sydney-based theatre director, producer and writer, is in Guelph for short time, but she's leaving her mark. Not only did she make a wonderful contribution to the success of the "History Haunts" event, she's sharing her expertise as a visiting workshop leader.

Read about Gus. It includes her past work in Guelph for two years.    

Gus writes, "This site is about my long, deep, bright-eyed, ever-hopeful, sometimes difficult, always invigorating, rambunctious, rebellious, dynamic and very personal relationship with Australian Arts and Culture... I reflect on shows, talks, essays, writing, artists that inspire me to say something, and you'll find out what I'm working on, who I'm working with and what inspires me."

This gives you a hint of the spirited, fun, talented Gus, who inspired us!! Thank you and thank you Brian for connecting GGS with Gus.